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Article: TD Lipo's Superiority in Drug Penetration and Retention

TD Lipo's Superiority in Drug Penetration and Retention


A recent study conducted by University of Victoria's Laboratory for Innovations in Microengineering investigated the effects of three base creams, TD Lipo, an industry leading liposomal base, and your typical PLO-based gel, on the penetration and retention of a probe (fluorescein-free acid, FFA) through porcine skin. The results showed that TD Lipo enhanced both penetration and retention of FFA compared to other base formulations.

The study found that TD Lipo showed significantly higher skin penetration of the FFA than typical PLO-based gel and typical liposomal base at all sampling times. The difference in skin penetration between TD Lipo and 80% DMSO (a positive control) increased as sampling times went by. TD Lipo also showed significantly higher skin retention of the FFA than other base formulations. 


Microscopic images showed that FFA was more evenly distributed in the skin with TD Lipo than with other base formulations.


These results suggest that TD Lipo is a highly effective transdermal delivery system compared to other base formulations. This is likely due to the unique properties and formulation of TD Lipo.

TD Lipo is a liposomal transdermal delivery system that is designed to effectively deliver lipophilic drugs through the skin. 

The results of this study suggest that TD Lipo is a promising transdermal delivery system for a variety of lipophilic drugs. TD Lipo could be used to deliver drugs for the treatment of conditions such as pain, inflammation, and skin diseases.



See the full study here:

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